To the online course creator with a serious case of the Frankenfunnel:

What if there was a powerful, life-giving remedy


Powder your pixels pretty and crush those coveted conversions with The Funnel Makeover!

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The Funnel Makeover is conversion boostin’, page zhuzhin’, strategy packed workshop suite that’ll teach you how to inject personality and aesthetics into your sales funnel so you can beautify those pixels and boost your conversions. 

(even if you don’t know where to start or feel like a straight up mad scientist trying to piece it all together)

Piece by piece, section by section…

The copywriting and design process starts off smoothly, but by the time your offer goes live, the funnel looks frightful and — GASP!




Reviving Comatose Copy

Discover the Secret Formula to Mining Social Media for Voice of Customer Data (VOC).

There must be a magical formula to high converting sales copy? 

Not at all. The best writers use a simple but effective formula when nailing those coveted conversions — and in Day 1 of our powerful workshop suite, we’re going to clue you in on exactly what that is. (Hint: they use the words of their own customers and mine phrases from the very humans they serve to create sales copy that connects. And you’re going to learn how!)  

In this module, we’ll reveal where to find those key words and phrases that will awaken your funnel and have your customers Sullivan noddin’ all the way to the checkout page. 

  • Come away with knowing exactly where to find the words your customers use with our VOC Blackbook
  • Learn how to organize the data you find, so you can easily transfer that information directly to your sales page


Awaken Your Design

Bring your Sales Page to Life with an Eye Catching Layout.

I see dead funnels. 

Would you believe it if we told you that the right combination of space, cadence, balance, emphasis and design is sure to awaken even the most buried, dead and gone funnel from its graveyard-like slumber?  

On day two, you’ll learn the exact steps to making your funnel look like a million bucks with our Diamond Designer Blueprint – even if you’ve never opened up a page-builder before! 

  • Walk away with pride, confidence, and assurance that your funnel looks as good as it converts
  • You’ll also snag a copy of our Mobile Optimization fillable worksheets so you know how to make your funnel look and perform fab on a small device 


Assembling Your Creation

Bringing it All Together and Optimize your Sales Page for MAXIMUM Conversions.

It’s alive! 

Assemble your creation and weave personality into your copy in…

… just one short day? You betcha! 

On day three, you’ll take the VOC you’ve organized and learn the exact places to insert it for maximum conversion using our 14-Point Sales Funnel Framework. You’ll walk away knowing how to craft scroll-stopping headlines, powerful introductions and more — all using the data you’ve already mined

  • You’ll learn how to craft your sales page in half the time 
  • You’ll be able to launch your sales with optimism and assurance, knowing you’re using the words and phrases of your ideal customers for conversational copy that connects AND converts

The Funnel-defining Moment…

So let us ask you something before we depart and go our separate ways:

If you got a clear strategy that not only helped you optimize and beautify your funnel, but made it easier (and much more enjoyable to write), so you can save time, turn the tide for your business, and begin converting cold looky-loos into paying customers, would it be worth this small investment

If you said ‘Yes!’ let’s powder those pixels pretty and CRUSH those conversions with…


Reviving Comatose Copy PDF and Slide Deck (Valued at $97)

Awaken Your Design PDF and Slide Deck (Valued at $97)

Assembling the Creation PDF and Slide Deck (Valued at $97)

14-Point Sales Funnel Framework (Valued at $47)

Diamond Designer Blueprint (Valued at $97)

Mobile Optimization Fillable Worksheets (Valued at $149)

The Ultimate VOC Black Book (Valued at $199)

SURPRISE BONUS Pixel Perfect Playbook (Valued at $97)

SURPRISE BONUS Funnel Trello Boards (Valued at $97)

MEGA BONUS Crash Course: Conversions! Masterclass (Valued at $297)

A TOTAL VALUE of = $1,280+

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Today's Price = $27

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